The Turning (1992 film)

The Turning is a 1992 American drama film directed by L.A. Puopolo, based on a play by Chris Ceraso.

It is the first onscreen appearance of actress Gillian Anderson. She and Raymond J. Barry would both go on to appear in The X-Files, though they would not share any scenes together.

Filmed entirely on location in Pocahontas, Virginia,[citation needed] the film is adapted from the stage play Home Fires Burning.

After four years, Cliff Harnish returns to his hometown of Pocahontas, Virginia with hopes of putting a stop to his parents‘ divorce.

The film was bought by British film distributor David Lewis in 1996 and his firm Unique Films released it on video nationwide. The film contains steamy sex scenes and was filmed when Anderson was still a 19 year old student in drama school. Anderson hired lawyers to help stop the release. The British tabloid press which described it as a „B movie“, reported that she attempted to buy it back for „large sums of money“ without success. They reported the scenes as „semi-topless“. Anderson’s partner in the scenes, actor Michael Dolan, reported that the scene was shot at 4 am after a long day and that they were both exhausted. In spite of her embarrassment about the film, Anderson had a clause in her contract stating that her breasts could not be exposed. In spite of all the hoopla, the Orange County Register described the scene as „fleeting“ and that the film „deserves better than to serve as a salacious footnote to a television show“.