Thornhill Secondary School

Thornhill Secondary School is a secondary school in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1955, the school is administered by the York Region District School Board system.

Originally it served as an elementary school, but in 1956 it opened as a full-time high school with 600 students. The TSS library was established in 1960 and was just recently renovated in 2007. In 1962, the school increased its classrooms from 30 to 47 and added 32 members to its original faculty of 29.

By 1962, 1090 students were enrolled. A technical and commercial wing was built in 1961. In 1976, the school undertook a major renovation. That same year, the drama program started and the music program expanded. In 1999, an expanded science wing was constructed to accommodate an overflow of students. The long-awaited new library and school hallway connecting science to the technologies and music was completed in June 2007.

Thornhill Secondary School is home to an elite, enriched program for Gifted students. Many of these gifted students were selected through a process occurring in Grade 3 of their elementary school education as per York Region District School Board programs. The majority of Thornhill Secondary School’s gifted students come from two feeder elementary schools, Henderson Avenue Public School and Glen Shields Public School. Courses at the gifted level are recorded as Academic level courses, and are offered in Grades 9-10.

Strong students at Thornhill Secondary School also have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement-level courses in Grades 11-12. This prepares them to write subject-specific Advanced Placement exams in May and earn credits from College Board that can act as substitutes for university-level first year courses. Through a very supportive guidance office, students are provided with all the information required to gain admission into Canada’s top undergraduate level programs.

The Thornhill Secondary School Student Government is called B.O.S.S

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. (Board Of Student Senators). BOSS runs a number of events each year, most notably the school dances, the yearly carnival, Semi-Formal, Open Mic Nights and numerous other Spirit Events. BOSS also provides funding for all of the clubs at the school. It acts as an umbrella organization which oversees all club activities.

BOSS Executive consists of 8 different positions, each being equally as important. They are given their own room in the school where they hold weekly meetings and discuss ideas. Elections occur every May.

The Student Council is also made up of eight BOSS Senators, with two from each grade. They meet weekly with the Executive members, and represent the issues and opinions of the student body.

Thornhill Secondary School clubs and teams are very well known throughout the Ontario Competition Circuit. The TSS senior boys‘ basketball team has competed at OFSAA numerous times. The school’s DECA Chapter has historically sent from one to fifteen delegates to DECA’s International Career Development Conferences each year, held in major US cities. The school newspaper the Eye of the Tiger is an award-winning publication with a reach of nearly 2000 staff, students, and community members. The Debate Union is also well-known throughout the Ontario debate community for its highly skilled debaters. Thornhill Debaters have placed first, and in the top 10, at most major university-level tournaments in Ontario and Quebec, and in the National Championships.

Thornhill Secondary School offers a variety of clubs, such as;

They also have a variety of sports teams including

Following the school’s 50th anniversary in 2004, the Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association (TSSAA) was established to keep students in touch with each other and with the school and community. The TSSAA holds an annual Half Century Club Luncheon which recognizes students who began at Thornhill fifty years prior. The TSSAA is also active within the school, sponsoring numerous awards for both graduating and non-graduating students. Thornhill alumni are encouraged to join the TSSAA by visiting their .